The Ventient Sisters and North Steads Windfarm Community Benefit Fund (the Fund) at the Community Foundation will receive an annual donation of £133,500 (index linked for 25 years from its inception in 2018) to support a programme of community grant making. The first year includes an additional £50,000 giving a total of £183,500 for the first year.


The Fund will make grants of between £500 and £10,000, normally for projects of up to one year’s duration.

  • Priority will be given to applications originating from within a 3km radius of the two Wind Farms (“the priority areas” – see map).
  • Consideration will also be given to applications originating from within a 5km radius of the wind farms that are deemed to benefit residents of the priority areas


The Fund will support grants to a wide range of voluntary and community organisations. You don’t have to be a registered charity, but the work you want funded must be legally charitable. The Fund can only make grants for general running costs or unrestricted purposes to charities. If you are any other sort of organisation, funding must be restricted for a specific charitable purpose. 


Grants are only available for the following purposes:

  • advice and support for families, cares and those experiencing hardships;
  • arts, culture and heritage projects;
  • community activities and events;
  • development of local amenities;
  • education and training provision, and in particular support for apprenticeships;
  • environmental projects;
  • healthy living activities;
  • sport and physical activity provision.


Examples of what grants can support include:

  • capital items (buildings, machinery, equipment, vehicles and tools etc.);
  • time limited revenue requests;
  • sessional worker costs, e.g. workshops, tutors;
  • repairs and/or refurbishment to community buildings;
  • start-up costs for new community groups;
  • out-of-school activities;
  • voluntary and community group activities;
  • community and environmental projects;
  • supporting people from the priority area to take-up or continue apprenticeships.

This list is not exhaustive and all applications will be given due consideration by the advisory panel.


Full details are available on the Community Foundation website including a map of the eligible area. The first deadline for this fund is 9th February 2018.