The fund supports organisations working with young people in Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and County Durham, including Darlington.

In this round, the fund are welcoming applications for one-year projects, though where a project is of a continuing nature, the panel may wish to select exceptional projects for multi-year support. Organisations who received grants from the fund in spring 2018 should not apply to this round. In all cases, applicants must be able to demonstrate how their projects will make a difference to the lives of young people while meeting wider Community Foundation aspirations of supporting people to overcome disadvantage, creating stronger communities and making our area a good place to live. Projects previously supported by the Wellesley Trust Fund include general youth provision, uniformed groups activity, specialist skills and employability support, and work with specific groups of young people (e.g. disabled young people, or those with mental health problems).   Both revenue and capital projects can be considered.    The deadline is Monday 4th February 2018, 9.00am. Full details are available on the Community Foundation's website


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