Volunteering Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet 1 Planning for Volunteer Involvement – (PDF, 231KB)1

Fact Sheet 2 Creating a Volunteer Policy – (PDF, 205KB)

Fact Sheet 3 Policies and Procedures – (PDF, 224KB)

Fact Sheet 4 Equality & Diversity – (PDF, 113KB)

Fact Sheet 5 Health & Safety – (PDF, 136KB)

Fact Sheet 6 Insurance – (PDF, 153KB)

Fact Sheet 7 Safeguarding – (PDF, 116KB)

Fact Sheet 8 Volunteer Recruitment – (PDF, 315KB)

Fact Sheet 9 Volunteer Induction – (PDF, 156KB)

Fact Sheet 10 Data Protection – (PDF, 192KB)

Fact Sheet 11 Volunteer Expenses – (PDF, 352KB)                

Volunteer Connect Information

Effective Adverts for Volunteer Connect - (PDF 315KB)

Guidance on Registering, Adding and Reviewing Opportunities - (PDF 282KB)

Guidance for Completing Opportunity Template - (PDF 167KB)

Volunteer Opportunity Template - (Word 66KB)


Other Volunteering Resources

Checklist Volunteer Induction – (Word, 41KB)

Form Volunteer Role Description – (Word, 17KB)

Form Volunteer Application – (Word, 33KB)

Form Volunteer Supervision – (Word, 28KB)

Form Annual Volunteer Review – (Word, 42KB)

Form Volunteer Expenses Claim – (Excel, 12KB)

Model Confidentiality Agreement– (Word, 15KB)

Model Problem Solving Procedure – (Word, 32KB)

Model Volunteer Agreement - (Word, 23KB)

Model Volunteer Policy - (Word, 40KB)

Model Equality & Diversity Monitoring Form - (Word, 40KB)

Sample Volunteer Personal Safety and Lone Working – Policy, procedure and guidance - (PDF, 554KB