FB and PFB Lough Fund

The FB and PFB Lough Fund was established in 2018 with an extremely generous legacy gift to the Community Foundation, from Frank and Pat Lough. Frank and Pat lived in Berwick and it was their intention that the gift be used to support charitable activity in their local area. The fund exists to support charitable activity in north Northumberland, within a 20-mile radius of Berwick Town Hall. Applications should demonstrate how a grant will be used to either tackle disadvantage, strengthen communities, or make the area a better place to live (this last point might include cultural, environmental or sporting activity). Please note that in this round of funding:

  • Registered charities are welcome to apply for core / unrestricted running costs, or specific projects, as they see fit;
  • Other types of not-for-profit organisation are welcome to apply for funding for specific charitable projects;
  • Organisations of all types are welcome to apply for grants of one, two, or three years’ duration;
  • The minimum grant size is £5,000pa and the maximum is £10,000pa.
The deadline for applications is Monday 5th August 2019, 9.00am. More information is available on the Community Foundation's website.

More than a Pub

Want to take ownership of your local pub and run it for the benefit of the community? Need help getting it into community hands?

The More than a Pub programme provides business development support to enable the community ownership of pubs in both rural and urban communities across England.

Funded by Power to Change and delivered by Plunkett Foundation, the second round of the programme builds upon the success of the first, which saw over 450 enquiries received from communities across England and saw 28 pubs open under community ownership. Support and funding is available to the community pub sector until September 2020. The programme offers a wide range of support for groups who wish to take ownership of their local pub and run it for the benefit of their local community:

  • Action planning
  • Learning, events and peer networking
  • Bursary funding of up to £2,500
  • Business development advice
  • Loan and grant combined funding package of up to £100,000
Full details are available on the Plunkett Foundation's website.

Places to Ride

The Places to Ride programme will fund the development of new or the improvement of existing cycling facilities in communities across England.

The programme has been made possible through a new £15million commitment from Government and will be delivered over the next three years through a partnership of British Cycling, Sport England and the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS). The aim of the programme is to:

  • Encourage more people from a range of different backgrounds regardless of gender, age, ability or ethnicity to engage with cycling in all its forms. We want to provide more opportunities for people to enjoy riding in an accessible and inclusive environment; focusing especially on provision that responds to the needs of women and girls and people with a disability.
  • Invest in opportunities that connect local communities and address barriers to engaging with cycling. Recognise the wider benefits of riding a bike to enable societal benefits such as community cohesion, reducing social isolation and promoting health and well-being through prevention.
  • Ensure we deliver a lasting legacy of active environments that provide high quality and affordable opportunities to engage with cycling now, that will continue to be deliverable in the future.
The typical characteristics of a funded cycle facility will include that they:
  • are traffic-free
  • provide one or more opportunities to participate, for example BMX, track-cycling, mountain biking and so on 
  • might include a modest learn-to-ride area for children and young people at the early stages of developing their cycling skills and confidence
  • are open to all the community – ideally with programmes/sessions designed to encourage local people to get involved
  • will offer cycling opportunities to people who may not have access to, or be able to afford equipment needed – for example be able to provide relevant cycles, helmets and any other equipment
  • are possibly located alongside other sports/activities to encourage a much broader appeal across all sections of the community and encourage social interaction
Grants will normally range from £1000 to £500k and will only exceed the upper limit in exceptional circumstances. The contact for the North East area is Hilary Conway - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 07834 518 152 Full details are on the British Cycling website.

Coalfields Regeneration Trust

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the 5.5 million people living in Britain’s former mining communities. Many of these communities still require support due to the huge impact the closure of the mines had upon them. The Coalfields Community Investment Programme (England) is a £500,000 fund created to support activities that tackle some of the key challenges that still remain in coalfield communities. The fund is open to projects that deliver in the top 30% most deprived coalfield communities and that will make a positive difference in addressing the following themes:

  • Skills: Growing the skills of people in order to increase their opportunities
  • Employment: Developing pathways to increase the number of people in work
  • Health & Wellbeing: Supporting activities that improve the health and wellbeing of all age groups

The offer has now reopened and all the information on registering an enquiry relating to a project is on the following page:
https://www.coalfields-regen.org.uk/funding The deadline for completing the eligibility survey for this round is 30th August 2019.
Please read all the information and the guidance notes carefully before deciding whether to complete the Eligibility Survey.

Contract: Home Care Flexible Purchasing System

This contract is for the provision of home care services for adults with care and support needs, whether funded under social care legislation, as NHS Continuing Health Care, or as aftercare under Section 117 of the Mental Health Act.

The aim of the Service is to enable Service Users receiving home and community support to remain in the environment of their choice for as long as possible and to enable them to lead a good quality of life.

The contract opportunity is split into ten Lots based on geographical regions within Northumberland. Within each Lot there operates a three tiered system, with a single ‘Preferred Provider’ in place at Tier 1 who has a right of first refusal for each referral available within that Lot. If the Tier 1 Provider does not respond to the referral within a short timescale, or cannot meet the need, then the referral will be offered to the Providers within Tier 2. Similarly if no Tier 2 Provider responds, or cannot meet the need within a short timeframe then the referral will be offered to any Providers on the third Tier.

This Flexible Purchasing System was established on 1st April 2019, however new applications are now welcome for appointment to Tier 2 and Tier 3 positions on each Lot.

Full details can be found here.