Community Chest - VCS Skills and Employability Fund

The fund has been established to support VCS organisations delivering support to the skills and employability sector to adapt their services to new digital delivery demands, and address digital exclusion on service users.  This following list identifies examples but is not exclusive, and innovative proposals which meet the specification are invited. 

  • Digital conversion of existing learning and support packages
  • New, or development of, software packages
  • Webinar packages
  • Online support platforms delivering guided and advice
  • Consultancy or advice for design of products
  • Costs of increasing social media communications. 
  • Cost of IT equipment to enable digital learning and support delivery packages
  • Delivery costs of IT skills training and support
  • Cost of equipment for participants to access services (e.g. tablets, laptops, iphones etc.)
  • Data or broadband costs (This may include an increase of data allowance for participants to access services through smart phones or other devices).

Minimum Grant £2,000, Maximum Grant £10,000 with no match funding required.

Closing date 30th June 2020

Visit the NCC website for more details.

Co-op Local Community Fund

The fund will support communities to come together, co-operate and have a positive impact on community wellbeing – physically and virtually.

If you’re successful, the funding period will begin on 25 October.

Applications must be completed by midnight on 28 June 2020.

Who can apply

Your project must either:

  • bring the community together to help those in need, providing access to life’s essentials such as community spaces, food and bereavement support
  • support the mental and physical health of others through community wellbeing activities
  • enable people to develop or share their skills to foster community spirit and build resilient communities for the future

Your project or event must also:

  • take place in the UK or Isle of Man
  • not have religious or political aims (although you can still apply if you’re a religious organisation)
  • meet the Co-op’s values
  • take place or will still be running after November 2021
  • benefit your local community

If you are successful, you’ll be part of the Local Community Fund for 12 months from 25 October 2020 to 23 October 2021.

You'll receive your share of the funding in 2 payments – one in April 2021 and one in November 2021.

Visit for more information and to apply.

People's Health Trust - Community of interest

Projects need to:

  • Be designed and led by local people
  • Support their community to come together to address an issue that is important to them
  • Create stronger connections between people by supporting them to meet up regularly (weekly, fortnightly or monthly, for at least one year)
  • Be for people who experience greater social and economic disadvantage than people living in other parts of the country

In this round Northumberland groups would only be eligible for Communities of Interest funding:

A community of interest is a group of people who have shared experiences, characteristics or common interests and wish to come together to address issues that are important to them. They may live across a wider area but they must live close enough to each other to meet up regularly.

The minimum grant that you can apply for is £5,000 over one year, £7,500 over 18 months, or £10,000 over two years.

The maximum amount of funding we will invest in a project is £40,000. We are highly unlikely to fund a grant of £40,000 over one year.

One organisation can apply for a maximum of two projects in one area that is open for funding.

Existing Active Communities grant holders can only apply if their current grant ends within twelve months from the closing date of their funding area.

Visit the People's Health Trust website for more information. 

BBC Children in Need - COVID-19 Next Steps Grant

The Next Steps programme is BBC Children in Need's response programme designed to deliver support for children and young people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Eligible organisations will be able to apply for between £5,000 and £80,000 for projects commencing in September 2020. These grants can last up to 18 months. It is designed for established organisations who are already delivering work in their communities and further afield.

Applications will be prioritised from organisations that:

  • Target children and young people disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (see website). They recognise that the current crisis increases pre-existing inequalities.
  • Have mission statements, objects, or aims which focus on supporting and empowering a particular group or community experiencing disadvantage.
  • Respond confidently in a local area and are best placed to do so. They want to fund organisations that have the reach and trust of the communities/communities of interest they serve.
  • Can prove a track record of engaging disadvantaged children and young people over the last two years.

BBC Children in Need targets children and young people aged 0-18 years impacted by disadvantage including illness; distress; abuse or neglect; any kind of disability; behavioural or psychological difficulties; or living in poverty or situations of deprivation.

The deadline for this programme is 1 July 2020

See the website for more information.

National Fundraising Conference - Free Places

The Institute of Fundraising nationally have announced that they are offering 1,500 places for National Fundraising Convention for free for individuals from small charities (defined as income under £1 million). It is a 3 day event 6-8th July, with over 80 amazing sessions and amazing networking opportunities. It costs hundreds of pounds for the London physical event, so is normally out of budget of small North East charities and this is a great opportunity for charities in the region to join.

Applications will be opening Monday 15th June and closing Friday 26th June and they will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

More details and booking here (there are also some great offers for bigger charities)