Co-op Local Community Causes

The Co-op Local Community Fund supports projects across the UK that Co-op members care about.

Every time Co-op members buy Co-op branded products, 2p goes to them as a membership reward and the Co-op gives another 2p to support local causes and national community organisations.

Each year local voluntary organisations can apply to be a local Community Cause, and this year the application process opens in May. The applications process will be undertaken through Co-operate, the online community centre, so now is the perfect time to add your organisation to Co-operate.

Co-operate helps people come together to make good things happen. Whether you already run a community group in Northumberland or want help to start one Co-operate is a great place where you can:

  • List your group and activities and recruit members and volunteers
  • Regularly update your group’s information on Co-operate
  • Get ‘How to’ advice and guidance
  • Find and connect with other groups and activities in your area to strengthen and widen community networks across Northumberland

Adding your group or activities onto the Co-operate online community centre is really simple, and totally free – here’s the link to get you started: Co-operate. Co-operate is provided for free by the Co-op to support communities.

If you have any queries, please do get in touch. Ceri Finn. Co-op Member Pioneer Co-ordinator for Northumberland: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bringing People Together

Bringing People Together funding from National Lottery Community Fund will support projects that will build stronger connections across communities, and improve the infrastructure and conditions that are needed to strengthen these connections.

It is expected that all projects will:

  • Deliver across at least two countries in the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales)
  • Have a clear equality, diversity and inclusion focus
  • Demonstrate they can learn and adapt as they go.

NLCF are interested in:

  • Bold and experimental responses to bringing people together using new, or new combinations of approaches
  • New projects or projects that build on existing work
  • A range of projects reflecting a mix of communities and places from across the UK.

20 awards are expected to be made in 2021 to 2022. Grants are for up to £300,000 for a maximum of two years.

Full details are available on NLCF's website.

Victoria Wood Foundation

The Victoria Wood Foundation was set up after the death of Victoria Wood in April 2016. The Trustees are former friends of Victoria, and they are particularly keen to provide support in areas that would have interested Victoria, namely the arts in all its forms.

The fund will support all aspects of the Arts, particularly in and around London and in the North of England. The trustees meet twice a year in July and December.

To apply complete the Initial Application Form available here.

Stop Loan Sharks Fund

The England Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) has funding available for groups that want to raise awareness of the issues of illegal money lending. The money available has come from the proceeds of crime taken from convicted illegal money lenders.

Funds can be spent on any worthwhile community project that meets the following criteria:

  • Contributes to raising the awareness of the dangers of using loan sharks
  • Prevents crime and disorder and publicises the Stop Loan Sharks message
  • Promotes the work of the Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) in communities
  • Encourages reporting of loan sharks

IMLT want to actively encourage projects and initiatives that are different from the rest and will leave a legacy in the communities they are delivered in. To make sure you’ve got what it takes, have a look at the 5 main aims below:

  1. Innovative - Has this been done before and if so what makes this project different?
  2. Community Engagement - Who will this project reach and how many people will be involved? Will you help get the Stop Loan Sharks message to a new audience? 
  3. Impact - How will it effect and influence the people reached and how will it change their actions and understanding?
  4. Legacy - What will it leave behind and how is it sustainable?
  5. Value for Money - How does this project represent value for money?

The maximum award will be £5000 with the application deadline on the 30th June 2021. Full details can be found on the website.

Side by Side Fund

The National Survivor User Network will award grants of up to £500 to peer support, mutual aid or self-help groups in England and Wales to connect remotely, prepare to move their activities to face-to-face, or make their group more sustainable. The peer support, mutual aid or self-help group must benefit people or communities who live with mental ill-health, trauma and distress. 

Peer support is defined as the intentional action of bringing people together who have experiences in common, to offer mutual support. Not all groups will define themselves as ‘mental health groups’. NSUN are interested in groups who recognise that coming together supports wellbeing, healing or connection, and other things we associate with our mental health.

The peer support, mutual aid or self-help group must take place in a community setting (i.e. not NHS or local authority), and should be in some way led by the members of the community it engages.

This opportunity has been made available through Mind’s Side by Side: Peer Support in your community project, which is funded by Morrisons Foundation and Garfield Weston Foundation.

The deadline for applications is 31st May 2021.  Full details and an application form is available on NSUN's website.