VCS Emergencies Partnership



The Voluntary and Community Sector Emergencies Partnership (Emergencies Partnership) is a government backed partnership between national and local voluntary and community sector organisations.

The Emergencies Partnership was formed based on learnings from the domestic crises of 2017, including Grenfell, and a sector-wide ambition to deliver a more coordinated response during emergencies.

Right now, the partnership is responding to the evolving Covid-19 crisis, but its long-term ambition is to establish a legacy which enables the voluntary and community sector, government and statutory agencies to work better together to ensure our country’s most vulnerable communities get the right support at the right time in an emergency.

We will do this through the following four key areas:

  1. A national platform to gather intelligence on where people might be going without the support they need. These insights will be shared with the voluntary and community sector to help focus our response on those who are most vulnerable and with the highest level of unmet need.
  2. Our request for support service will enable local organisations to seek additional support from the Emergencies Partnership for any needs which they do not have capacity to meet through existing local networks
  3. Five regional multi-agency cells across England to help connect members of the voluntary and community sector and enable them to pool resource in response to local requests for support and emerging unmet need
  4. One national volunteering cell to maintain an overview of capacity across the voluntary and community sector and provide a single point of contact for the government and statutory agencies to engage volunteers for large-scale nationwide volunteering requests

Adding to the already existing winter pressures, the VCS Emergencies Partnership (VCSEP) role in supporting the sector to target unmet need will be ever more vital during this new lockdown.  They will continue to broker requests for support, whether transport logistics, support for public health monitoring, tech access or food.

If your organisation is overwhelmed by this perfect storm of emergencies, please ask for help from the VCSEP. 


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