Non-clinical volunteers are needed to support North Tyneside’s mass vaccination programme!

The new Covid-19 vaccine is now being rolled-out in North Tyneside in four mass vaccination sites across the borough. A dedicated team of NHS health professionals, aided by volunteers from across North Tyneside, is working together to deliver the Pfizer/ BioNTech vaccine to the most vulnerable groups (> 80 year olds first) in this initial community phase of the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme rollout.

VODA is recruiting non-clinical volunteers to support the health professionals to help with the smooth running of the site and ensure the safety of the people attending and working there.

The volunteering roles include helping to steward people safely round the centres and take the role of door attendants to help manage the flow of people. They are looking for people who are calm, patient and reliable and are able to spare some time to help out.

Download the flyer or find out more at: