We have a range of fact sheets and guidance documents available which are listed below. If you need any of these please contact:

Caroline Burden
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

01670 858688 or 07825 370630

Caroline usually works on Volunteering Support on Fridays.


Volunteering Fact Sheets

Frequently asked questions about volunteering – (PDF, 146KB) 

Volunteer Health Check - (Word, 89kb)

Fact Sheet 1 Planning for Volunteer Involvement – (PDF, 231KB)

Fact Sheet 2 Creating a Volunteer Policy – (PDF, 205KB)

Fact Sheet 3 Policies and Procedures – (PDF, 224KB)

Fact Sheet 4 Equality & Diversity – (PDF, 215KB)

Fact Sheet 5 Health & Safety – (PDF, 236KB)

Fact Sheet 6 Insurance – (PDF, 153KB)

Fact Sheet 7 Safeguarding – (PDF, 116KB)

Fact Sheet 8 Volunteer Recruitment – (PDF, 315KB)

Fact Sheet 9 Volunteer Induction – (PDF, 156KB)

Fact Sheet 10 Data Protection – (PDF, 192KB)

Fact Sheet 11 Volunteer Expenses – (PDF, 352KB)

Fact Sheet 12 Thirty ways to find great volunteers, and keep them - (PDF - 265KB)


Volunteer Connect Information

Finding Volunteers Using Volunteer Connect (presentation slides) (410KB)

Effective Adverts for Volunteer Connect - (PDF 315KB)

Guidance on Registering, Adding and Reviewing Opportunities - (PDF 282KB)

Guidance for Completing Opportunity Template - (PDF 167KB)

Volunteer Opportunity Template - (Word 66KB)


Other Volunteering Resources

Checklist Volunteer Induction – (Word, 41KB)

Form Volunteer Role Description – (Word, 17KB)

Sample Form Volunteer Application – (Word, 34KB)

Sample Form Volunteer Supervision – (Word, 28KB)

Sample Form Annual Volunteer Review – (Word, 42KB)

Sample Form Volunteer Expenses Claim – (Excel, 12KB)

Sample Confidentiality Agreement– (Word, 15KB)

Model Problem Solving Procedure – (Word, 32KB)

Model Volunteer Agreement - (Word, 17KB)

Model Volunteer Policy - (Word, 40KB)

Model Equality & Diversity Monitoring Form - (Word, 26KB)

Model Equality & Diversity Commitments to Volunteers Statement (Word, 16KB)

Sample Volunteer Personal Safety and Lone Working – Policy, procedure and guidance - (PDF, 554KB)